Boss Perfecting Foam Pad

This a medium firmness, multi-purpose foam pad designed for use with BOSS Perfecting Cream to remove light blemishes and produce optimal depth and clarity. Griot's 5/8-inch thick, low-profile BOSS buffing pads have been designed for unrivaled energy transfer and defect removal. Their low center of gravity and feathery weight improves tool stability and pad control for a superior user experience. All BOSS pads feature a center intercooling hole designed to resist heat buildup on the pad face and eliminate pad dishing and other pad surface damage.

Part Number Style Price Purchase
G B130F3 G B130F3 3 Inch / Set of 3 $21.99
G B130FB G B130FB 3 Inch / Set of 50 $27.99
G B130F5 G B130F5 5.5 Inch / Set of 2 $21.99
G B130F6 G B130F6 6.5 Inch / Set 2 $27.99