Trac-Com to iPhone and Android adapter

Want to add a HUGE level of functionality to your Trac-Com intercom? Racecom is proud to announce we've designed a cable that can adapt our intercom system to any iPhone or android built after 2012.  Perfect for lead/follow instruction, this cable will allow you to plug in your Trac-Com unit into your cell phone. Using your phone's connection, Drivers can call the Student behind them, or anyone else for that matter! 

Basic Info:

  • Compatible with both android and iPhones
  • 5ft length to allow for safe stowage inside the car wherever it might be
  • Designed for use in lead/follow instruction
  • Built in failsafe function in case the TracCom battery fails. User will retain use of the mic with which to inform the other driver that they can no longer receive audio even if the TracCom is no longer in operation.

How does it work:

  • Driver's plug directly into the Trac-Com intercom, utilizing a student boom, or their built in helmet kit. 
  • The second "open" Trac-Com connector (where a passenger would typically plug in), is used to connect the Trac-Com to Phone adapter cable. The other end of the cable plugs directly into the AUX port on the mobile device.
  • Once the cable has been connected, it's critical the volume for the correlating port is turned to zero. Failure to do so will result in potentially damaging volume levels. 
  • Now that everything's ready to go, use the connected phone to call to another driver, someone in the pit, or whomever! 

  • NOTE: If your phone doesn't have an AUX port, you'll need to purchase an additional adapter. We typically recommend purchasing this directly from the phone manufacture. 

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