Trac-Com Upgrade Program (Available Until End of 2021)

TracCom V2

TracCom V2

TracCom V1.5

TracCom V1.5

TracCom V1

TracCom V1

ATTENTION: Trac-Com Upgrade and Exchange Program is Ending December 31, 2021. Any upgrade or exchange request submitted after that date will not be processed. Please make sure to submit your order before that date to take advantage of the big discounts. 

Have an older Trac-Com unit that you'd like to upgrade to our newest specs? We've got just the option for you!  By participating in our upgrade program, we'll bring your current Trac-Com up to the last Version 2 specs. 

What's different with the new version? Lots!

  • Featuring new twin amplifiers that allow for high volumes.
  • Extended battery life allowing this unit to operate a minimum of 10hr heavy use on track  
  • Designed to withstand damage and maintain peak operation, IP54 rated. Dropping it won’t break it. Spilling your drink on it won’t either.

How to identify what TracCom you have? 

  • Version 1 - This version is easily identifiable because the volume knobs are located on the side of the unit. Also, the front sticker will not match the image listed on this page. 
  • Version 1.5 - The first revision to the TracCom (V1.5) can be distinguished from the previous version by its front facing volume knobs.  If you're unit has front face volume knobs and was purchased before April 2020, your TracCom is a version 1.5 

How does this process work? 

When you purchase either the upgrade or exchange option, you are agreeing it participate in the following process.

  • Version 1 - Customers with the original Trac-Com unit wishing to participate in the exchange program are eligible to keep their current version 1 intercom if they can provide original proof of purchase. If no document is provided to HMS, customers wishing to exchange their version 1 device will have to send the existing unit to our NC location. Once we receive your unit, the upgrade/exchange process will begin. 
  • Version 1.5 -  You'll be required to ship your existing TracCom unit to our NC location. Once we receive your unit, the upgrade/exchange process will begin. 
  • The cost shown here includes USPS return shipping for the unit back to you. The price show DOES NOT include the cost of getting your original unit to HMS 
  • Once you purchase either the exchange or upgrade, we'll contact you within one business day with detailed instructions. Please do not send your unit in before hearing from us. 

What are we actually doing? 

  • Version 1 - If your TracCom unit is a Version 1, we'll replace it with a brand new TracCom Version 2 
  • Version 1.5 -If your TracCom unit is a Version 1.5 with front facing volume knobs, we'll upgrade your unit internals to the latest hardware. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will the process take? - Shipping time back and forth will eat up majority of the time of the program. Once we have your old unit, the work will be performed within 24-72 hours. 
  • Whats the warranty? - 2 years from the date of work performed 
  • I'm not sure what TracCom? No problem! We suggest giving us a call for help. 

Part Number Service Requested Price Purchase
R TC UPGRADE R TC UPGRADE Upgrade Trac-Com V1.5 to V2 $56.00
R TC EXCHANGE R TC EXCHANGE Exchange Trac-Com V1 to V2 $95.00