Chatterbox Tandem Pro 2 Communicator


  • Student-Instructor full duplex intercom system
  • Two way in helmet communication between Student and Instructor
  • Noise reducing Hi Fidelity headsets (full or open face style)
  • Lithium Polymer rechargeable batter w/ 10 hours talk time 20 hours standby
  • No custom installation necessary


  • Intended Users: Race car training instructor
  • Maximum range of communication: Wired
  • Maximum number of users in communication: 2


  • Battery: Rechargable Ni-Mh
  • Water resistance casing

The Tandem Pro 2 unit is designed to work for student/instructor race car training applications. The unit works as a full duplex intercom, which allows a race car instructor to guide a student while in the same car. The student headset is designed to easily slide in/out of one students helmet to another and the instructor headset is self installed for a more permanent installation. The Lithium Ion rechargeable battery life is rated at 8-10 hours of talk time and 20 hours of standby. (Headsets are sold separately)

Package Contents

  • Universal Headset Kit
  • Charger
  • Battery
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Manual
Part Description Price Purchase
ch cb tp2 kit Chatterbox Communicator $64.99
ch cb duo hs Full Face Mic & Headset $29.99
ch cbtp2 sr hs Student Headset $34.99
ch cb tp2 6pin Converter for old Chatterbox Headsets $5.99
ch cb hsex Headset Extension Cord $14.99

Trac-Com Intercom

  • Dual volume controls
  • Locking headset connectors
  • Removable 9V battery
  • Battery life indicator LED light
  • Heavy duty components
  • Belt clip included
  • Full duplex, driver and passenger can hear themselves and each other all the time, perfect for dialing in the volume!
  • Use aux port for audio in or out, great for overlaying audio onto GoPro footage! (works on Hero 3/4/5 with separate adapter)

Weight w/o battery: 3.71 oz

Weight w/ battery: 5.33 oz

Dimensions (H x W x D): 4.375" x 2.625" x 1.125"

Trac-Com Intercom designed for Driver-Passenger communication.

Adaptable to many applications. Manufactured and tested right here at our Mooresville location! The Trac-Com is the solution for racing intercoms and driver to passenger communications!

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Price: $ 125.00

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