DG30 Intercom

Features Main unit:

  • SIM card slot
  • Radio in level adjust
  • Radio out level adjust
  • Camera level adjust

Features Remote control panel:

  • Select 3 pre set telephone numbers
  • Ring telephone number selected from the GSM module integrated into the main box
  • End a call from the GSM module integrated into the main box
  • Driver & Co-driver volume control
  • Backlit keyboard for easy viewing at night
  • Ergonomics delivering positive non slip operation Switch: activate the emergency backup intercom
  • Numeric digit display for definitive operation and accurate settings, even at night
  • EQ: Selection on 3 voice audio quality: standard, high-pitch, low pitch
  • DIG: 3 options of noise cancellation settings, 2 digital active or 1 analog Stage/Road:
 Stage mode camera on, radio and telephone off - Road mode camera off, radio and telephone on. Noise cancellation with simplified functions


  • Digital active noise cancellation with SDA filter
  • Separate main intercom box which can be positioned under the seats to offer a lower center of gravity
  • Remote control panel¨
  • GSM module integrated into the intercom box with a SIM card slot
  • Camera and radio connections

Comprised of 3 parts:

  • Main unit with GSM module integrated
  • Remote control panel
  • Telephone external Aerial


Why Digital? The next generation of Stilo digital intercoms offers a dramatic step forward with its active digital noise cancelling. Digital, unlike the limited capabilities of old analog intercoms, has the capability of active digital noise cancelling, which in a millisecond can separate the vitally important sound of the drivers voices from the excessive bad noises of the engine, transmissions and road surface and filter these right down while improving the more important sound of the communications between driver and co-driver. A whole new world in rally sport communications is now available from Stilo.

Part Description Price Purchase
S AB0600 DG-30 Intercom $1,595.00
S YB0301 Power Kit $350.00
S YB0600 Helmet Kit $195.00
S YB0317 Extension Cord $95.00

Trophy Intercom

Trophy Intercom

Trophy 2 Intercom

Trophy Intercom

Original Trophy Intercom

New version for 2014. Features include separate driver and co-driver volume and vastly improved audio quality.

9 Volt Unit with on/off LED, anti-vibration rubber padding for roll-bar installation, special cables for seat belts fastening and metal jacks.

Only for use with Trophy Electronics system in Trophy Helmets.

Version 1 Description: 9 volt unit with single volume, led ON/OFF signal, anti-vibration rubber mounting for roll-bar installation, special Stilo cables for fastening safety belts and metal jack. This is only compatible with the Base Level electronics on the Trophy Rally DES helmets.

Part Description Price Purchase
S AB0102 Trophy 2 Amplifier $139.00

WRC 03 Intercom

WRC 03 Intercom

The WRC-03 has a provision for connecting a camera

Intercom unit designed to be installed on the roll bar.

Features an automatic On/Off switch controlled through co-driver plug connection, no more starting races disconnected. Individual volume adjustment. 9 volts power supply standard. 12 volts available as option. Exclusive Stilo cable for fastening safety belts. Camera or radio connection.

Part Description Price Purchase
S AB0200 WRC Amplifier $285.00

Stilo Offshore Intercoms

Waterproof intercom unit specially developed for racing yacht applications. It enables communication between 2 helmets (DB0100), or 4 helmets (DB0101) and between the helmet and the on-board radio. Complete with PTT button. Ready for power supply from yacht batteries. Wired to be used with WRC OFFSHORE, TROPHY DES OFFSHORE, ST4 GT W OFFSHORE helmets.

This product is not available for order online. Please call for special order status.

Price: $0.00

WRC DES EVO Intercom

New Features include further improved Audio quality derived from the ST-30 and thanks to the "Extra filter" switch it ensures excellent noise cancelling quality even in a Super 2000, the most noisy car beyond dispute. Activating the Extra Filter function, background noises are strongly damped and the co-drivers' voice can be louder to the drivers' ears. Since the drivers' voice volume shall be lower to the co-driver instead, it is recommended that the Extra Filter is deactivated on transfer.

Transceivers can be connected to the intercom (Listening only) setting the internal switch to "Radio In". This intercom can also be connected to on board cameras and can record the audio from the intercom. Features a switch for output level.


Also available is a version of the WRC DES EVO to be used on 9V power. While it retains the advanced audio quality of the WRC DES EVO, it does not have Bluetooth capability which some people do not need.

Part Description Price Purchase
S AB0214 9v Version $415.00