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ST5 GT Carbon

The Stilo ST5 is the new generation of full face helmet from Stilo. The cutout for the eyeport on all ST5 helmets is taller than the previous ST4 and has a special visor to accommodate the larger opening. Redesigned shell that optimizes shell size, airflow, visibility, and weight. Carries a Snell SA-2015 certification. Features a much larger visor than previous models and opens past the line of sight......

Stilo Tearoffs

Tearoffs for use with Stilo Helmets. 4mm thickness intended for open cockpit road cars and 2mm thickness intended for offroad/dirt use. 4mm version comes with 4 packages of 3 tearoffs, 2mm version 3 packages of 10 pieces.

Stilo Visor Cleaner

It is very easy to ruin the anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings on your Stilo visor by using the wrong cleaner. This product will not damage the coatings and will get your visor as clean as ever.

Zylon Reinforcement Panel for Stilo Visors

The dangers of racing are many, and any time you can increase your margin of safety, it's a positive move. These reinforced visors offer increased protection from debris intrusion. Please Note: This is not an add-on reinforcement for existing visors, it is a replacement visor.

Stilo to iPhone Cable

iPhone Adapter with Stilo helmet male connector. Used to connect your iPhone to your Stilo brand helmet. No PTT button. Made from thin ROHS Compliant cable. Made in the U.S.A.