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ESS Fire 2.3L Fire Supression System

The 2.3 liter system is approved by SCCA, NASA, PCA, BMW Club, and others for competition and track days. This is a 3 nozzle system utilizing our T-style nozzle design, a bulkhead tee fitting for two nozzle coverage of the engine compartment, all fittings, stainless steel mounting brackets, pull cable activation, our re-designed pull cable mounting bracket for easy installation, 10 ft. aluminum tubing, and detailed instructions This system is a two zone system......

ESS Fire 5.0L Fire Supression System

The 5.0 liter system is a racing approved system by SCCA, PRO-SCCA, Trans Am, World Speed Challenge, American LeMans, NASA, and others. This is a 4 nozzle, 3 zone system utilizing the newest T-style nozzle, bulkhead fitting, 20 ft of aluminum tubing and the other features of the 2.3 liter system. This system will be tested under SFI 17.1 by mid - 2005. This system was created for the hardcore racer......

ESS Fire Recharge Kits

The recharge kits you'll need to recharge each system at the track. Just in case you need to use it.