High Density Sheet Padding

  • Material: Open-cell, highly engineered resilient EA urethane foam
  • Density: Various 3-4.7 lbs. pcf (depending on application)
  • Operating temperature: < 100 F - > 400 F
  • SFI 45.2 Approved Impact Foam

This High Density Sheet foam meets and exceeds the SFI 45.2 specification for materials used in energy management for occupant protection in motorsports. This highly engineered energy managing foam was developed in accordance with higher standards governing the materials that can be used for head and body protection in various motorsports sanctioning bodies. It is widely used in headrest applications as occupant seating systems. EIS W50 is a resilient foam, meaning it will not stay deformed after a crash but will return to its original shape, keeping you protected for multiple impacts in a crash.

Part Color Price Quantity
rb pad flat 45.2 Black $48.50