ST30 DES Intercom

Audio Quality

  • The best Stilo audio quality, available in any kind of car.
  • Fitted with a filter specifically developed by Stilo for usage in S2000 and already used by many drivers in the IRC 2009. Background noises are strongly damped and the driver can hear the co-driver’s voice at a louder volume. As the co-driver shall hear a lower driver’s voice volume, the usage while transferring to the road mode is not recommended.

Emergency intercom:

Switching from one intercom to the other is possible using the “Intercom 1 - Intercom 2” switch, even during the special stage, without having to disconnect the helmet. The two systems do not share any components and their power suppy also is separated, this ensures that in case one of the two got damaged, the other would work normally. ST-30 DES is furthermore designed to make sure that the intercom communication is preserved. Should a radio, mobile phone or camera component experience a damage, the intercom would work anyway.


ST-30 DES can be wireless connected to any Bluetooth mobile. In Road mode, the connection is active, in Stage mode it is inactive. All functions can be managed by the dedicated switch: on/off, pairing, call answer, last number called service, voice volume regulation.


ST-30-DES can be connected by wire to the most common radio systems, according to the scheme in the instructions. Active in Road mode, inactive in Stage mode.


An on board camera can be connected to directly record audio tracks from the intercom.


ST-30 DES can be connected to Bluetooth MP3 readers or Bluetooth mobile phones with MP3 function: ideal to chill out during long road sections.

The 2009 IRC champion intercom. Wireless connection with bluetooth mobile phone.

Well-known as a top expression among professional intercoms, today, with the DES version, ST-30 also is the first intercom with wireless connection to Bluetooth mobile phones.

Please note: The unit is sold bare - with no wiring harnesses. You need to order the harnesses separately.

Part Description Price Quantity
S AB0310 ST-30 Amplifier $1,490.00
S YB0300 Helmet and headset wiring harness $195.00
S YB0301 Power Supply / Camera / Radio wiring harness $350.00
S YB0307 1.5 meter helmet extension cord $95.00

WRC 03 Intercom

Intercom unit designed to be installed on the roll bar.

Features an automatic On/Off switch controlled through co-driver plug connection, no more starting races disconnected. Individual volume adjustment. 9 volts power supply standard. 12 volts available as option. Exclusive Stilo cable for fastening safety belts. Camera or radio connection.

Part Description Price Quantity
S AB0200 WRC Amplifier $285.00

Trophy Intercom

New version for 2014. Features include separate driver and co-driver volume and vastly improved audio quality.

9 Volt Unit with on/off LED, anti-vibration rubber padding for roll-bar installation, special cables for seat belts fastening and metal jacks.

Only for use with Trophy Electronics system in Trophy Helmets.

Version 1 Description: 9 volt unit with single volume, led ON/OFF signal, anti-vibration rubber mounting for roll-bar installation, special Stilo cables for fastening safety belts and metal jack. This is only compatible with the Base Level electronics on the Trophy Rally DES helmets.

Part Description Price Quantity
S AB0102 Trophy 2 Amplifier $139.00