Arai CK-6 Mirror Visor

CK-6 Mirrorized visors are the ultimate accessories for your childs karting helmet!


  • True Green color not visible in photo, but very prominent once on helmet.
  • Colors may vary between production runs.
  • Daylight use only!
  • WARNING: do not wipe off the coated surface as it damages the coating. Never use petrol, thinner, benzene, or any other solvents or spray-on cleaners.

Part Number Color Price Purchase
AR 01-1255 AR 01-1255 Red/Orange $104.15
AR 01-1256 AR 01-1256 Silver $104.15
AR 01-1257 AR 01-1257 Blue $104.15
AR 01-1258 AR 01-1258 Green $104.15