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    Experts in Track Safety

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Schroth Technology

Street Legal Harnesses

ECE-R 16.04 / DOT-FMVSS 209 approvals

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SCHROTH RFR Rotary Buckle

The patented SCHROTH RFR™ rotary (cam lock) buckle operates with a carbon fiber reinforced gear system. Since it operates grease free it is insensitive to dust and other environmental influences. RFR™ the abbreviation for Regressive Force Release, means the release force is reduced during release operation rather than increasing as seen with all other rotary buckle products. Therefore the RFR™ buckle meets the stringent FIA required release forces without the need of an extended lever.

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2-Inch Webbing

Why is it better than 3 Inch for Lap Belts?

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ASM® Technology

The only way to safely use a 4-point harness!

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Polyester Webbing

The Advantages of Polyester Vs. Nylon

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Webbing Construction

Schroth's Polyester Webbing has a few tricks up its sleeve

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SFI and FIA Seat belt standards and expiration dates

The Bottom Line on belt dates

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SFI 16.6 Homologation

SFI 16.6 is the latest seat belt standard that went into effect in 2015. For the 2016 racing season, SFI 16.6 specification belts will be mandatory for NASCAR Sprint Cup and Xfinity series with the NASCAR Truck series mandating SFI 16.6 belts for the 2017 season. The new SFI 16.6 specification adds additional safety standards to the already very stringent SFI 16.5 standards. The biggest change required in SFI 16.6 versus SFI 16.5 is the addition of a mandatory Negative G belt, making all belts e

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QuickFit Harness Technology

The easiest and safest way to put a harness in your street car

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Flexi Belt 2-Inch Lap Belts

Flexi-Belt™ - one harness, many variations!

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Hybrid Style Restraints

Engineering in Action!

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FIA 8853-2016 Harness Standard

Details on the testing that goes into your harness

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Comprehensive Instructions

Read the Schroth Installation PDF to learn how to properly install your belts, including mounting your Bolt-In Brackets so they can rotate properly!

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Cobra Technology

Pro-Fit System

A seat that fits you perfectly, and makes you feel one with the car.

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Outlast® Fabric

The Origin

Outlast® technology was originally developed for NASA to protect astronauts from temperature fluctuations. The temperature corridor within which the human body feels comfortable is relatively narrow. Outlast® technology helps to smooth changes in temperature within this corridor, maintaining a more consistent temperature range.

Outlast microcapsules use phase change molecules to absorb excess heat, providing a cooling system. This heat is stored

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Walero Technology

Outlast Temperature Regulating Technology

NASA tech for you!

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Envirotech+ Hospital Grade Anti-Microbial

Clean = Safe

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Flame Retardant Technology

It's not all "Nomex"

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Lifeline Technology

What Makes 3M™ Novec™ Fire Suppression so great?

A clean agent fire extinguishant which was developed as a halon replacement and hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) alternative.

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How does 3M™ Novec™ fire suppression work?

Extinguishes a fire before it starts by rapidly removing heat!

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FIA Safety Tips

FIA Pre Event Checklist

It is important that competitors complete pre-event checks of each piece of safety equipment before they head out on track. Drivers and Co-Drivers should follow this list of checks for each piece of safety equipment before the start of any practice, race session or rally stage to prevent injury. View PDF checklist Here!

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FIA Guidlines To Protective Clothing

A comprehensive FIA guide on protective clothing and its importance in a motorsports environment.

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FIA Helmet Guidlines

A complete FIA guide on Helmet standards and best common practices.

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Buyers Guide

Frontal Head Restraint Buyer

Everything you need to know before purchasing your next Frontal Head Restraint.

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