Flame Retardant Technology

It's not all "Nomex"

Developed in the 60’s by French company DuPont®, the Nomex® fibres became the go-to for making FR underwear in the racing industry.

Well, at Walero we aren’t happy with the standard! We simply weren’t happy with the rough, scratchy feeling that is caused by the Nomex® fibres in base layers. So, we went in search of something different. Softer, more comfortable, better!

We discovered a Protal® a fibre with permanent flame retardant (FR) qualities. Unlike non-permanently FR treated materials, the protective qualities of ours don’t wear out. Nor do the fibres expose the skin to chemical additives. Not a bad find, eh!?

We then spin this together with a combination of other fibres to create our unique Walero yarn. It is this yarn which is then knitted together to produce our famous, supersoft fabric. Which in turn is stitched together with flat-lock seams to create Walero base layers.

It goes without saying (well, almost!) that all Walero base layers are FIA and SFI compliant (in fact, we exceed the test criteria, but no-one likes a showoff!).