ASM® Technology

The only way to safely use a 4-point harness!

The patented SCHROTH asm® system offers an unique safety advantage for 4-point harnesses. asm® is the acronym for anti submarining. The risk to submarine (sliding underneath the lap belt), a well known phenomenon during frontal impacts, is significantly reduced by the asm® safety system. The energy converter is located in one of the shoulder belts. Severe injuries or death are possible using 4-point harnesses without the SCHROTH asm® safety system or an anti-sub strap. SCHROTH harnesses designed for use on public roads (FE push button models) or those likely to be used as 4-points come with the asm® safety system. The performance of the SCHROTH asm® safety system has also been positively tested in conjunction with airbags.

Current Head And Neck Supports (HANS®) provide further reduction of head deceleration and neck bending.

The asm® system on all SCHROTH Rallye and QuickFit belts - excluding the new QuickFit Pro - is not compatible the with HANS®.

Only belts having a center RFR Cam lock can be used with HANS®.

We recommend that only non asm® belts be used in competition harnessbelts.Racing harnesses without asm® must be worn with an anti-sub strap!