Arai GP-6S


The GP-6S is designed with the sport driver in mind (hence the "S" designation). It uses the same shell shape as the GP-6 (PED) and state-of-the-art GP-6RC, along with the same wider eye port for increased peripheral vision. The single intake/single exhaust vents provide excellent ventilation performance. Check the entire list of features and we think you’ll agree: The only thing missing from Arai’s GP-6S is the higher price tag.

    POSITIVE SHIELD LATCH - Positive latch mechanism provides Solid shield latching, while allowing normal operation of the shield. Designed to be an integral component of the shield system and function, not just an add-on afterthought. The simplicity of the function masks the complexity of the design.

    WIDER EYEPORT - Wider eye port for increased peripheral field of view, when compared to the previous 5 series.

    BUILT IN FHR NUT - Pre-Installed M6 threaded washer/nut, with 6mm threads, to accept a variety of anchors systems for variety of Head and Neck Restraint devices and make installation much easier for people not familiar with such installations.

    E-JECT READY CRWON PADPre-cut pocket, under crown pad, can be easily removed to accommodate optional E-Ject(R) system.

    NEW SHIELD PIVOT HARDWARE - New shield pivot hardware, with redesigned track slider that improves aerodynamics. New wider 6 series shield & eye port, for increased peripheral field of view when compared to the previous 5 series. Shield, pivot hardware and wider eye port were developed on the RC and adapted to the GP-6S.

    VENTILATION - Large, closeable, intake vent combined with a larger 10mm hole greatly increases air intake. Larger 10mm rear vent hole further increases airflow.

    NEW CHINBAR - Newly sculpted chin bar and ridge along lower edge of shell to improve structural integrity. Provides a stronger shell near the opening where it is needed as well as lowers the Center of Gravity. Rise in shell above the shoulders for added clearance.

Part Number Color Size Price Purchase
AR GP6 BLK XS AR GP6 BLK XS Black Frost Extra Small $869.95
AR GP6 BLK S AR GP6 BLK S Black Frost Small $869.95
AR GP6 BLK M AR GP6 BLK M Black Frost Medium $869.95
AR GP6 BLK L AR GP6 BLK L Black Frost Large $869.95
AR GP6 BLK XL AR GP6 BLK XL Black Frost Extra Large $869.95
AR GP6 WHT XS AR GP6 WHT XS White Extra Small $859.95
AR GP6 WHT S AR GP6 WHT S White Small $859.95
AR GP6 WHT M AR GP6 WHT M White Medium $859.95
AR GP6 WHT L AR GP6 WHT L White Large $859.95
AR GP6 WHT XL AR GP6 WHT XL White Extra Large $859.95