BSCI Dual Durometer SFI 45.1 Roll Bar Padding

The newest advance in rollbar padding technology, this dual durometer padding gives you the best of both worlds, Comfort and Safety.

This product solves a very common problem in race car setup. Soft rollbar padding is what keeps you comfortable in normal everyday use. It keeps you from bruising your body everytime you move inside the car. The problem with that is that it's so soft that it does absolutely nothing to help protect you from real "bone on steel pipe" injury.

Testing has shown that the high density rollbar padding works well at protecting your bones. The problem is that it is hard enough to bruise in day-to-day use.

The solution? have a dual density pad. Put the high density padding right against the bar, and then mold a piece of softer more forgiving padding around it. This padding is only slightly thicker than standard soft padding but offers the real protection you need.

Yes it is more expensive - but the safety benefit far outweighs the small investment. And trust us - you will be so thankful without all those bruises from getting in and out of your car.

Comes in black only, in 3 foot segments.

Part Number Price Purchase
RB 155-60-1-DD RB 155-60-1-DD $47.25