Digital Quick Fill Tire Pressure Gauge

Quick Fill Tire Pressure Gauges - Connect to air line - fill & bleed with one gauge! Now with back lights!!

  • Reads without removing the fill chuck
  • Fills twice as fast as other air pressure gauges
  • Tire bleed button to release excess air pressure
  • Hi-Flex 17" hose with angle chuck - ball chuck also included with All Longacre tire gauges
  • Internal check valve allows use as stand alone tire gauge without air hose
  • External gauge bumper - included on All Longacre air gauges
  • Auto Off feature to save battery
  • Easy to read to .1 psi
  • Accuracy: .2 lb / .3%
  • Includes silver storage case to protect your valuable air pressure gauge
  • Use this MUST HAVE tool as your regular tire pressure gauge for consistancy

Part Number Description Price Purchase
LA 53008 LA 53008 Digital Quick Fill Tire Pressure Gauge $199.99