EarthSafe FlashDry

    FLASHDRY is revolutionizing the way messy industrial spills are cleaned

    For decades there has been little innovation in industrial spill cleanup. The most common product used today is clay absorbent. Using clay absorbent is slow, messy and worst of all can be hazardous to employee’s health and the environment.

    FLASHDRY is an organic all natural industrial spill solution. It quickly absorbs spills, leaves no mess behind and gets you back to work immediately. It is made of coconut Coir and research has found that it is one of nature’s natural wonders for its ability to quickly absorb any liquid.

    Safe for your employees
    FlashDry helps create a safe working environment for your team so they can quickly get back to work after a spill. Once the spill is quickly absorbed and FlashDry is swept up, work is ready to resume around the spill area. FlashDry also eliminates the risk of an unseen deadly danger. When clay absorbent is used it releases toxic Silica dust into the work environment. Over time, exposure to this dust can cause lung cancer. With FlashDry the potential risk of exposing your coworkers to this deadly Silica dust is eliminated because FlashDry is dust free.

    Safe to use around food
    FlashDry is an organic all natural product so it is safe to be used around food. FlashDry is certified food safe and has the NSF Nonfood Compounds Program listing (J1) #152371.

    Safe for the environment

    FlashDry can be discarded in any landfill and is in compliance with the USEPA Leachate standards for landfill disposal making it safe, cheap and easy to dispose of.

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