Hydration System Spare Parts

Stilo's helmets offer the possibility for integrated hydration systems. This is an obvious necessity for endurance racing, but do not underestimate the importance of hydration for other motorsport modalities.

We offer entire kits, or replacement parts for users with helmets currently. The full kits now include the female connection piece.

You may only use the 90 degree kit with the ST4W, as only this helmet has the mounting provision for the external drinking system.

Part Number Description Price Purchase
S YA0600KIT S YA0600KIT Drinking System - Standard $42.34
S YA0650KIT S YA0650KIT Drinking System - 90 degree (ST4W) $32.50
S YA0601 S YA0601 Bite Valve $7.00
S YA0602 S YA0602 Water Tube $4.75
S YA0603 S YA0603 Male Quick Coupling $14.00
S YA0604 S YA0604 Female Quick Coupling $14.75
S YA0651 S YA0651 Male Quick Coupling for 90 degree kit $12.95