Longacre Drink Holders

This ingenious device from Longacre helps on those enduros where you think you're going to die of thirst. You probably don't need us to remind you that you sweat when you drive hard, but you may want us to remind you that hydration is an extremely important part of remaining focused during a stint.

These drink holders from Longacre come with the thermos and tubing shown. It's ready to accept your favorite sports drink or good old H2O.

  • Large capacity double insulated bottle with tube
  • Includes "bite valve" to avoid leaks from tube
  • Bolts onto your roll bar - no welding required
  • Lightweight anodized aluminum

Part Number Bar Size Price Purchase
LA 22551 LA 22551 1 3/4 $79.99
LA 22553 LA 22553 1 1/2 $79.99