Longacre Tire Pressure Gauge

The Deluxe model gauges have 2 1/2 inch Glow-in-the-dark faces for high accuracy and easy readability in all conditions. They have high flow release buttons that let out air quickly but controlled for those times when you're tires are over-inflated. It holds the last pressure taken until the release button is pressed. They have ultra-flexible 17 inch hoses.

The magnum Tire gauges carry the same great quality of the Deluxe Tire Pressure Gauges and add a couple other features that make it easier and faster to get accurate tire pressure readings. The gauge face is 3 3/4 inches and glows in the dark. It also comes with a padded carrying pouch so that you don't damage it when you throw it in your toolkit in a rush to get out on the track.

Part Number Model Price Purchase
LA 52003 LA 52003 0-60 PSI $74.99
LA 52001 LA 52001 Magnum $109.99