Schroth 6 Point FIA Belts Outgoing Inventory

Formula 2x2

Formula 2x2 Non Adjust Laps

Clubman 3x2

Clubman 3x2 Pull Up Laps

Enduro 3x2

Enduro 3x2

Profi 3x3

Profi 3x3 Pull Up

Profi 3x2

Profi 3x2 Pull Up

Save big on left over Schroth Racing harnesses! Here you'll find the remaining FIA rated inventory from previous years. These belts are brand new, but are one or more year closer towards the expiration date. Inventory and availability is not guaranteed.  Pictures may not show exact model. Please contact us for additional info! 

Formula 2x2

The Formula 2x2 features Frontal Head Restraint (FHR) specific 2” shoulder belts, 2" non adjustable formula lap belts, and individual non adjustable sub straps.

What makes the Formula 2x2 different from the Schroth lineup? The individual sub straps!
The sub-straps loop through the lap belts and latch into the shoulder belts. The classic “D” ring used in previous formula belts has been replaced with sewn in webbing, creating a more light weight and comfortable fit. The sub straps are typically anchored very far rearward, almost to the lap belt mounting points. See Schroth’s installation documents for more mounting information.

This belt is typically used in single seat open wheeled cars with very reclined seating positions. This belt is not recommended for use in traditional road cars, or vehicles with more upright seating positions.

Comes with wrapped bolt-in attachments at all six points. Snap in attachments can be purchased separately.

Clubman 3x2

Schroth's Clubman has one aim. Provide a superior harness for people needing a lower cost belt.

The Clubman features 3” shoulder belts, 2" Clubman pull up lap belts, and a T-bar non adjustable sub strap. Shoulders and sub strap hardware is wrapped in.

What is the difference between this and the next level up Schroth belts?

Adjusters and Options.

The adjusters on the Clubman belt are heavier and not as easy to use. They are, however, cheaper and bring down the overall cost of the harness. In addition the sub strap does not have adjusters and the lap hardware is not interchangeable.

Profi 3x3

The Profi 3x3 features 3” shoulder belts, 3" Profi lap belts with sewn Snap in attachments, and a T-bar adjustable sub strap. Shoulders and sub strap hardware is wrapped in.

Comes with Snap-In attachments at lap and sub points. The shoulders come ready to be wrapped around a roll-bar. Bolt in attachments can be purchased separately for shoulders and sub strap. 

Price Range: $589.00 - $629.00

On Sale!

On Sale: $150.00 - $300.00

The Following Items are on sale

Part Number Harness Model Date Lap Adjuster Color Price Purchase
SR 94690-2-X SR 94690-2-X Porsche GT3 Profi 3x2 2024 Pull Down Red Was: $589.00
On Sale: $150.00
SR 94500-2 SR 94500-2 Enduro 3x3 2025 Pull Down Red Was: $629.00
On Sale: $300.00
SR 94690-0-X SR 94690-0-X Porsche GT3 Profi 3x2 2024 Pull Down Black Was: $589.00
On Sale: $200.00