Trac-Com Instructor Kit

The Trac-Com V3 Instructor kit is a complete intercom system designed to help instructors get the most out of their in-car audio experience. Starting with our newly updated Trac-Com V3, this kit includes an Instructor Helmet kit and a Student Boom V2.

Years of in-house use and testing have shown us that every instructor should have electrics built into their helmets. The Student Boom-style headset works great as a temporary solution but has downsides when used long-term. The instructor Helmet Kit provides louder, more precise communication, which can be invaluable when needed. Installing a permanent headset also prevents the instructor from having to fiddle with a speaker system each time they put on their helmet.

Backed by RaceCom’s 2-year industry-leading warranty, the Trac-Com V3 Instructor Package is ready to elevate your intercom experience! Includes:

  • (1) Trac-Com V3 Intercom
  • (1) Trac-Com Student Helmet Booms V2
  • (1) Helmet Speaker Kit V2
  • (1) Female IMSA to Trac-Com adapter cable.
  • This kit includes everything a new Trac-Com user needs to get started!

Please Note: The Trac-Com V3 is currently not available for purchase. We're working as quickly as possible to make it available again. 

Please Note:

This product is not available for order online. Please call for special order status.