HMS Motorsport is proud to support SAE teams. We no longer offer a fully sponsored harness, but instead offer a belt at a discounted rate of $125 each. This belt has been made specifically for your application and complies with the rules written in your rule book.


SAE Harness Details:
The Schroth Hybrid SFI 16.1 belt features two inch wide, pull up adjustable laps and subs. The laps and subs come standard with LV4 and B24 bolt on ends wrapped in. The shoulders are three inch wide with pull down adjusters, including only hardware to wrap to a bar. Alternate hardware can be purchased to change these configurations (see optional hardware on attached PDF). This belt only comes in black and is good for two full years.

We are no longer doing custom sewing or lengths for SAE teams. Your rulebook states “Harnesses expiring on or before Dec 31 of the calendar year of the competition are permitted.” For example, if your belts SFI expiration tag reads “aug 2023”, your belts are usable in accordance to SAE rules until the end of 2023 season!

How To Proceed:
Please complete and return the attached sponsorship form via email to Once the form is completed and returned, I will send an ebiz email pay link to the accounting email you have provided on your form. Please let me know when the payment is completed, and we will ship out your belt as soon as possible.

Other Gear:
If you need a different belt or other safety gear, it can be purchased at a discount! This “Dealer Pricing” level includes discounts on all our product lines. We carry a wide range of racing safety gear including helmets, suits, shoes, gloves, Nomex underwear, head & neck restraints, seat pour kits, roll bar padding, fire suppression systems and many other safety related products. We also have a whole line of radio communication products geared towards racing.

Please check out our website at Please note we may not have the items your looking for in stock and may need to order. Lead times will vary, but you can always email me with any stock checks if you would like.