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Arai GP-6 (PED)

ITS ONLY COMPETITION IS OTHER ARAI HELMETS Simply put, it’s hard to imagine a better racing helmet. Combine Arai’s proprietary, groundbreaking PBcLc (Peripherally Belted Complex Laminate) shell construction -- the same shell shape as the F-1-grid’s GP-6RC model; a wider eye port for optimized peripheral vision; new ventilation; and on and on – and you get the striking new Arai GP-6(PED). The new shell gives you incredible strength and flexibility, and that strength allows Arai to use an extremely soft EPS liner that’s so comfortable it’ll make you think more about a nap than a race......

Arai GP-6S

EVOLUTION OF A CLASSIC The GP-6S is designed with the sport driver in mind (hence the "S" designation). It uses the same shell shape as the GP-6 (PED) and state-of-the-art GP-6RC, along with the same wider eye port for increased peripheral vision. The single intake/single exhaust vents provide excellent ventilation performance. Check the entire list of features and we think you’ll agree: The only thing missing from Arai’s GP-6S is the higher price tag......

Arai GP-5W

SEE RACE DAY IN A WHOLE NEW WAY THE FAVORITE OF STOCK CAR, SEDAN, AND RALLY DRIVERS: The GP-5W is favored by stock car, sedan, and rally drivers because of its wider, 90mm (approx. 3.5") eye port. With the larger eye port opening, the GP-5W uses an exclusive shield. SCLC CONSTRUCTION - It's constructed of Arai's exclusive, very-lightweight ScLc shell technology (Super Complex Laminate Construction), so it maintains a low overall weight to offset the added weight of the larger shield......

Arai CK-6 Shield

Make sure you're young racer has the best vision possible with an Arai Ck-6 replacment shield! This standard shield is a direct replacement for the CK-6 "Children's Karting Helmet". PLEASE NOTE: Tinted visors are for daytime use only.

Arai CK-6 Mirror Visor

CK-6 Mirrorized visors are the ultimate accessories for your childs karting helmet! PLEASE NOTE:True Green color not visible in photo, but very prominent once on helmet. Colors may vary between production runs. Daylight use only! WARNING: do not wipe off the coated surface as it damages the coating. Never use petrol, thinner, benzene, or any other solvents or spray-on cleaners.