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Brey Krause Side Mounts for 911

Side Mounts for fixed-back competition seats. Model R-9060 is designed for Sparco Evo seats to be bolted to 996, Boxster, 911 and 944. Model R-9061 is used for Sparco Evo-2 seat. The dimensions (front to back) are constant between manufacturers, so this will work for cobra, sparco and recaro seats. It has been designed to match specifically the width of a Sparco's standard width and "plus-size" width seats to the width of the Porsche seat rails......

Brey Krause Side Mounts for 996

These Side mounts offer a reinforced mounting location for the inboard lap belts. They are sided (passenger and driver) and are designed to adapt a "wider" seat to factory Porsche rails. Check with your sanctioning body to see if lap belt mounting locations attached to seat side plates are legal.

Brey Krause Side Mounts for Mini Cooper

This side plate was designed to adapt a Recaro Pole Position seat to Factory Mini sliders. Most other aftermarket seats will fit the holes on the side, however other seats will have a slightly different width causing the fitment of these side plates to the factory sliders to be off. These side plates only have one rear height mounting location.

Brey Krause Wider Actuating Bar

This is a wider actuating bar for sliders utilizing a sparco style release. It is wider than what comes with the stock sliders, allowing for use of some of the wider shells available (Cobra's GT width seats, Recaro's XL width). We've found that you'll generally need to massage this piece to make it fit your situation correctly. It can be bent fairly easily. It is designed to work in 911, 944, 996 & Boxster applications where the seat tracks are 16" wide.

Brey Krause Seat Back Brace

Our adjustable seat brace is engineered to extend the protection of your roll cage to the back of your seat. The Brey-Krause adjustable seat brace is designed to fit 1 3/4", 1 5/8" and 1" diameter roll bars. The mounting bracket is secured with bolts through two holes which are drilled through the roll bar tubing. Once bolted to the roll bar, the seat brace can be adjusted fore, aft, up or down. This seat brace is designed for one piece (i......