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Pro-Fit Cushions

All PRO-FIT seats come with Standard (Medium) Cushions, similar to the fit before Pro-Fit. PRO-FIT cushions are compatible with all seat models featuring PRO-FIT. There are two different cushion widths depending on Standard or Wide seats. You may order your seat with any available size PRO-FIT cushions for each of the Back, Bottom, or Thigh positions, without additional charge. Additional cushions are available for separate purchase you wish to change cushions for different drivers......

Cobra Side Plates

C SUBFR12 Cobra's universal aluminum side mount that is constructed using high-strength aluminum. These mounts are an "L" style mount for a minimum footprint in the vehicle and are designed to be as universal as possible for ease of installation. The brackets have 4 slotted locations for mounting the front seat bolt and 3 holes in the rear for mounting the rear seat bolt enabling a large range of seat rake angle adjustment......

Cobra Bolt Kit

4 High Strength bolts for use with Cobra seats and side plates. 8mm x 1.25 thread pitch, 25mm long. Also includes washers.

Cobra Sliders

Tabbed runners for installing bottom mount seats to Vehicle Specific Brackets. Can also be used for installing side mount seats, but may require fabrication.