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Cool Shirt - Shortsleeve Firewear

Short Sleeved version of the Firewear Cool Shirt. SFI 3.3 Approved Firewear fire-retardant fabric is different from Nomex in that it emits a non-combustible gas when exposed to flame. This gas smothers the flame much like a fire extinguisher. It is blended with Cotton.

CoolShirt 2Cool FR Shirt SFI 3.3

This Fire Rated 2Cool Water Shirt is the top of the line COOLSHIRT available on the market today. SFI 3.3 Certified Flame-Retardant Cooling Undershirt Versatile Midweight Layer Modacrylic / Rayon Blend Superior Moisture-Wicking Ag47 Anti-Microbial Protection Won't Shrink, Pick or Fade Extra Length Clean Seams Machine Wash, Machine Dry

CoolShirt Cool-A-Clava

The Cool-a-Clava is COOLSHIRT’s answer to keeping a cool head under pressure. It is a helmet insert that can plug into any of our current ice based and non-ice based systems to provide the best head cooling that is unrivaled by any current air or water based head cooling unit on the planet. There is no special hardware to purchase and this system is compatible with almost every helmet currently on the market.

Coolshirt Pro Air and Water System

The COOLSHIRT Pro Air & Water System delivers temperature-controlled cooled water to the driver’s COOLSHIRT and cooled blower-enhanced HEPA-4 filtered air to their helmet. Also available with the SFI-Approved FireWear fire-retardant COOLSHIRT. The COOLSHIRT Pro Air & Water System comes with a 13 or 19 quart cooling unit with an internal pump that supplies temperature-controlled cool water to the shirt and HEPA-4 filtered, chilled air to your helmet via a 235 CFM blower......

CoolShirt Club System

The compact COOLSHIRT Club 13qt and 19qt System provides the advantage of system for those racing applications that have limited space or shorter race durations. Perfect for road racing, circle track, drags and many other racing types – a favorite among SCCA and PCA drivers! The compact COOLSHIRT Club System keeps you cool and alert so you look and feel your BEST when they hand you the trophy! The COOLSHIRT Club System comes with a 13qt or 19qt cooling unit with an internal pump which supplies cooled water to the shirt through 12ft of double insulated hose with automatic shutoff/quick disconnects......