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Zero 2000 Club Fire Marshal Mechancal System

AFFF Mechanical fire system. Purchase a full system for new installations, or a bottle to replenish out of date canisters.

Zero 2000 Fire Marshal Slimline Mechanical System

A slimline variant of the standard 2.25ltr Fire Marshal offering you greater flexibility when packaging the extinguisher into the confines of the modern competition vehicle. Fire Marshal Systems are mechanical in operation being activated by strategically placed pull cables. The fire marshal valve is a high quality hand held commercial valve that has been modified by Lifeline to allow total discharge and fitting of pull cables......

Zero 2000 Fire Marshal Steel

Lifeline Zero 2000 systems are constructed using only the finest materials and are supplied complete with all of the components required for a professional installation. It performed supremely well in engine fire tests, and thus has the full acceptance of the MSA, FIA and SCCA. Lifeline's range of FIA specification systems have been homologated by the FIA for use in International motorsport and has been awarded the homologation numbers EX......