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Molecule Labs Care Kit

Everything you need to care for your gear is here in your Complete Care Kit which contains a 16 oz. Trigger Spray Wash. 16 oz. Refresh, 16 oz. Protect, 4 oz. Spot Cleaner, Repelant Test Solution and Measuring Cup. Caring for your racing suit has never been easier. No more expensive dry cleaning. Molecule now makes machine washing the best way to care for Nomex and other technical fabrics. Ordinary laundry detergents contain additives that can attract moisture, oils and flammable stains......

Molecule Labs Protector

Molecule Protector bonds to Nomex fabric to help reduce flammable stains from oil, grease, fuel, dirt, and other contaminants that may compromise the effectiveness of your racing suit. Product includes 16 ounce protector in spray bottle.

Molecule Labs Refresh

Molecule Refresher keeps suits fresh over long racing weekends and between washings. It contains an antimicrobial agent to inhibit the growth of bacterial odors. Available in convenient 4 ounce and 16 oz. containers. Don't forget, this product is excellent for helmet liners, gloves and more. Reduces odor on all types of technical fabric Maintains fabric breathability Cosmetic-grade, skin friendly ingredients Light fresh scent Recommended for Nomex and other technical fabrics

Molecule Labs Spot Cleaner

Molecule Spot Cleaner penetrates deeply into Nomex fabric to safely dissolve and suspend tough spots and stains Powerful ingredients quickly break down spots and stains that can degrade fabric performance Concentrated formula penetrates deeply and safely to dissolve embedded spots and stains For use with Molecule Wash

Molecule Labs Wash

Effectively cleans Nomex fabric in standard washing machines Removes contaminants that can degrade fabric performance Antimocrobial agent inhibits the growth of bacterial odors Concentrated formula effectively cleans technical fabrics in standard high efficiency washing machines Maintains fabric breathability Contains a fabric brightener to help you look your best Recommended for Nomex and other technical fabrics