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Motul Spec VW Oil

Volkswagen Gasoline and Diesel engine oil Technosynthèse TYPE OF USE Specially designed for cars powered by Volkswagen Turbo Diesel engine (unit injector). Suitable for all types of VW gasoline (except VW 502 00) or Diesel engines, using leaded or unleaded gasoline and Diesel fuel. PERFORMANCES STANDARDS API : SJ/CF – ACEA : A3/B3 APPROVALS VW 505 01 VW 500 00 / 505 00 PERFORMANCE Meets FORD WSS M2C 917A requirements Official approvals of VW guarantee the quality of the product development and manufacturing process......

Motul 6100 Synergie Motor Oil

Gasoline and Diesel engine oil Technosynthèse TYPE OF USE Specially designed for powerful and recent cars powered by large displacement engine, turbo Diesel, or gasoline engines with injection and catalytic converter. Suitable for all types of gasoline or Diesel engines, using leaded or unleaded gasoline, Diesel fuel, and LPG. PERFORMANCE STANDARDS ACEA A3 / B3 APPROVALS API SL / CF VW 505......

Motul 8100 Motor Oil

Fuel Economy Gasoline and Diesel lubricant 100% Synthetic TYPE OF USE Fuel Economy Engine Oil especially designed for recent engines, powered by turbo Diesel direct injection or gasoline engines, designed to use low friction and low HTHS (High Temperature High Shear) viscosity oil. Suitable for new technology engines powered with turbo Diesel or gasoline engines and catalytic converters, requiring fuel economy lubricants (ACEA A1/B1 or A5/B5 standards)......

Motul BMW Spec Oil

Motul has developed an oil specifically tailored to Late Model BMW's that require a specific weight oil. Will satisfy all requirements for BMW LongLife-01 (BMW LL-01).

Motul Dexron III Transmission Fluid

Fluid for automatic transmission, torque converter, power steering, marine reversing gear, hydrostatic transmission and hydraulic or mechanical systems, for which Dexron standard is required. DEXRON-III is the latest Dexron official approval. Motul’s Technosynthese base allows to be resistant at very high temperature. Comes in 2 Liter bottles and can be mixed with any Dexron oils. This fluid is colored red.