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ST5 GT Offshore

The ST5 is the new generation of closed faced helmets from Stilo. The cutout for the eyeport on all ST5 helmets is taller than the previous ST4 and has a special visor to accommodate the larger opening. Redesigned shell that optimizes shell size, airflow, visibility, and weight. Carries a Snell SA-2015 and FIA8858-2010 certification. Features a much larger visor than previous models and opens past the line of sight......

Stilo Air Supply System

Stilo Helmets offer the possibility of integrated air supply systems. These work on ST4F and ST4W helmets, and can be positioned on either the left or right of the helmet, depending on what other options you desire.

Stilo Adapter for Air Vent

Adapter to fit 32mm Ventilation tube to Stilo Helmet.

Stilo Top Air Kit

This unique cooling system feeds air from your cars fresh air system to both the top of the head and to the front of the face while at the same time helping to keep the inside of the visor clear. The system works with the existing design of the helmet and does not require any drilling of the shell or modifications to the EPS. There are four small holes molded into the top of every ST4 helmet. The Top Air system fits over the forward two holes and extends down the front of the helmet and just under the top of the visor......

ST5 Top Air Kit

Top Air Kit for Stilo ST5 helmets. There are two sizes, for each size shell of Stilo helmet. If your helmet is up to a 59, you have a small shell, 60+ use the large shell.