SFI 16.6 Formula II

The SFI 16.6 Formula II belt is commonly found in open cockpit style cars with very reclined seats. The sub-straps loop through the lap belts and latches into the shoulder belt. The sub-straps are typically anchored very far rearward, almost to the lap belt mounting location. With the addition of the Negative G belt, the Formula belt performs much better in an upright, NASCAR style seat. Typically the Formula II lap belts are worn as non-adjustable but a right side pull-up adjuster is available. The Hybrid belt is offered in 3 different shoulder belt configurations; an all 3", a 2"/3" HNS specific shoulder belt and the Double shoulder belt.

    • Formula Style harness with D-ring Anti-sub strap
    • Polyester Webbing
    • SFI 16.6
  • Schroth Installation and Operating Instructions for Racing Harnesses


    Schroth Installation Checklist


Part Number Shoulder Belts Lap Belts Price Purchase
SR 91155NC-7 SR 91155NC-7 HANS Shoulder 2in/3in No Adjuster $695.00
SR 91155NC-7 PU SR 91155NC-7 PU HANS Shoulder 2in/3in Right Side Pull Up $790.00
SR 91155NCY-7 SR 91155NCY-7 HANS Double Shoulder No Adjuster $835.00
SR 91155NCY-7 PU SR 91155NCY-7 PU HANS Double Shoulder Right Side Pull Up $930.00