Profi Sub Straps

Substraps play an integral role in harness safety, especially in harnesses without ASM. If yours is frayed or has been comprimised you need a new one. If you have a 4 point competition style harness with ASM and are looking to upgrade, the substrap is the easiest way to satisfy most sanctioning bodies.

Available in all colors and configurations. Dual subs can be converted to bolt in using a sub-strap bolt in kit. Single subs have sewn in end fittings and cannot be changed.

Price: $ 33.00 - 70.00

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Hybrid Anti-Sub Straps

Available with adjusters or without adjusters.

These are replacement Anti-sub straps for Schroth's Hybrid Style harnesses. You cannot use these with any harness that was not purchased as a Hybrid. These are strictly to replace damaged sub straps, or for applications where adjusters do not fit.

Part Color Notes Price Purchase
SR C/20092 Black With Adjusters $95.00
SR C/20192 Blue With Adjusters $95.00
SR C/20292 Red With Adjusters $95.00

Sub Straps - No Adjusters

In some applications there is not room for inline adjusters on your Anti-sub Straps. In cases like those, your best option is to get one of these Sub Straps with no adjusters. These come open ended, so you'll need to buy whatever hardware suits your application.

Length is adjusted at the point where you wrap the sub strap into whatever end fitting you use.

This product is not available for order online. Please call for special order status.

Price: $0.00

V-Style Sub Straps

V-style substraps availble with Snap-on hardware and no adjusters.

Part Color End Fittings Price Purchase
SR 49013 Black Snap-On $46.00
SR 49113 Blue Snap-On $46.00
SR 49213 Red Snap-On $46.00
SR 49913 Silver Snap-On $47.00