Racing Suits

Let's face it, racing is dangerous and needs to be treated with respect. Fire is a very real possibility in any car, and you need a racing suit to get behind the wheel with every sanctioning body.

Available in different configurations, some suits will be single layer, some multi-layer. Be sure to check the rules for your racing series to make sure you know what you need for homologation.

Racing Shoes

Racing shoes have a primary purpose - to keep you safe in the event of a fire. But they are also part of the interface between you and the car. A good fitting pair of shoes can go far to make you comfortable behind the wheel which translates into better driving.

Racing Gloves

Racing gloves can be thought of as the second half of the interface between driver and car. Not only will they keep your hands safe in the event of a fire but they can also help you mentally. When the gloves to on, you're really driving.

If they're uncomfortable, you'll be miserable, so be sure you get the right pair for your preference.

Gear Dryers

Every racer needs to dry their gear after a race. PEET dryers offer the complete package. Dry your helmet, shoes, and gloves all on the same system. These packages were specifically selected for use in motorsports and an HMS exclusive!

Gear Bags

Convenient to keep all your racing gear in one place. Plenty of space to keep your suit, gloves, shoes, and fireproof underwear.


Wearing fire-resistant underwear completes your safety package by augmenting the effectiveness of your racing suit, shoes, and gloves. Some sanctioning bodies require it, and we feel it is always a good idea.

If you ever need it, you'll be happy that you didn't try to skimp on it.

Cooling - Hydration

A race car is a very difficult place to spend time, especially any extended period of time. Two things that make it a little more enjoyable are Hydration and Cooling.

A little planning in this department can make you perform by ensuring you're comfortable and alert.

Molecule Labs Cleaning Products

Protect your racing gear! Molecule Labs offers a full line of products designed specifically for cleaning fire-retardant Nomex fabric. Keep all of your gear smelling & looking fresh for years to come.


Sure there are similarities to auto racing, but lets face it... Karting gear is unique. To make life easier, we've created this entire category containing everything an adult and youth go kart driver will need.

Youth Gear

HMS has developed a full line of Nomex SFI racing gear for kids. If you young one is hitting the track in a quater midget, Jr Dragster or an Outlaw kart we have what you need.