Double Shoulder Bracket

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Originally designed by teams in NASCAR, this bracket works great for any racer. It allows you to correctly use any SCHROTH harness with double shoulder belts (Profi II-Y, SFI 16.5 harnesses).

This bracket must be welded to the rollcage by a qualified welder. We will help you as best we can with mounting instructions. The SCHROTH competition Instructions will be your best guide at determining where the shoulder belts should be placed on your cage in relation to your body.

Part Description Price Purchase
HMS HAR MNT KIT 125 1.25 Inch Tubing $99.00
HMS HAR MNT KIT 150 1.5 Inch Tubing $99.00
HMS HAR MNT KIT 175 1.75 Inch Tubing $99.00