Foam Earpieces

Challenger 2 foam ear pieces for driver. Feature foam tips, 18" cord and standard 1/8" male plug. Fits helmet kits and scanners. Includes leatherette pouch.

Part Price Purchase
R P FMEART $89.99

Semi Custom Race Molds w/standard 1/8in plug

Semi-custom earpieces for driver. Feature 18" heavy - duty cord and standard 1/8" male plug. These molds fit into ear and provide more hearing protection than standard foam types. Generic form fits most everyone. Red - right, blue - left.

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R P PSCEMLD $169.99

Replacement Tips for Foam Earpieces

Replacement tips for foam earpieces. Pre-drilled holes. One pair.

Part Price Purchase
R P REPFM $4.99

Custom Molded Earbuds

Custom Molded Earbuds.

No better way to acheive a great fit. If you already have your impressions, taken within the last 6 months, please contact us and send them to us. If you don't and aren't able to come to the showroom, contact us and we will send you a self impression kit. Tons of color combinations available!

*Turn-around time of approximately 4 weeks*

Part Price Purchase
R P RACEMOLD $199.99