HANS Anchor Posts

HANS Anchor Posts


HANS Anchor Posts

Quick Clip

HANS Anchor Posts

M6 Quick Release

Buying a new HANS device or replacing worn out hardware? HANS anchor posts are the hardware the allows your devices tether to secure the helmet.

Professional Posts

Aluminum light weight HANS posts

Sport Posts

Standard plastic HANS posts

Quick Release Clip

Alternative style posts that feature pull strings for fast release. Designed to work with Quick Release tether. This option is easier to operate, but is significantly heavier than a traditional HANS post.

Please note: This listing is for the older silver Quick Release anchor and does not work with standard or the new M6 Quick Release tethers. This "Old Style" Quick Release tether does require a corresponding tether. The new M6 quick release system is lighter and easier to operate.

M6 Quick Release Posts

Experience the difference this new HANS M6 Quick release system can make! Quick and lighter than before, this new Quick Release post is designed to make attaching your favorite HANS device even easier. This post does require M6 Quick Release tether.

Part Anchor Type Price Purchase
HA AK 1131 11 BLK Professional - Black $65.00
HA AK 1131 21 Sport $55.00
HA AK 1141.1 Quick Clip $80.00
HA AK M61 HAK M6 Quick Release $70.00

Hans Tethers

Hans Tethers

Standard Sliding Tether

Hans Tethers

Quick Clip Tether

HANS tethers are the strap that connects your helmet to your Head and Neck Restraint System. Whether you're replacing an old tether, or purchasing one to accompany your new HANS device, we've got you covered.

The Standard Length for HANS tethers is 18" or 450mm. This length is recommended for most users. Alternative lengths are available for special order upon request. Call for more info.

Price: $ 20.00 - 40.00

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Hans Shoulder Pads

Changing teams? Paint your car? Maybe you just want to have a new set of pads that works differently. Check these out.

The Foam Pads are the same thing that comes on the device. Standard foam padding like you're used to. The Gel pads are just what they sound like, but we're amazed at how awesome they are. A soft Gel material fills these pads so they conform to your body's contours yielding a very good fit. The Heat Sensitive pads are a hard gel material that softens with application of heat. This is great because where the gel comes in contact with your body it softens and conforms. Where there isn't as much contact, the gel remains firm and supportive.

Colors available are Black, Blue, Red, Yellow and Orange.

Price: $ 60.00 - 80.00

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Hans Locker

A secure place to leave your HANS is sometimes hard to find, and this is one piece of gear you don't want to have walk away without you knowing. This locking holder for the HANS device has been developed to give you peace of mind knowing that your device is as secure as it can be.

Designed to be mounted to the wall of your trailer, this will provide a very good amount of theft deterrent for any would-be thieves looking to snag your device. All mounting bolts are obscured by the device itself or the mounting brackets, and all hardware is of the 'tighten only' variety. While nothing is truly secure - this locker will make it difficult enough that thieves will likely pass on trying to swipe your Hans.

Part Description Price Purchase
HMS HANS LOCKER Hans Locker $99.95