Hans Professional Aluminum Posts

Professional model Aluminum Post replacements or upgrades. Comes with the required backing plate to be installed inside the helmet, so you don't have to worry about stripping out the backing plate you already have.

Available in the colors shown.

Part Color Price Purchase
HA AK 1132 11 BLK Black $65.00
HA AK 1132 11 BLU Blue $65.00
HA AK 1132 11 RED Red $65.00
HA AK 1132 11 SVL Silver $65.00

Hans Standard Post Set

Standard Model Fixed Post Anchors. Available in Black only.

Part Description Price Purchase
HA AK 1132 21 Pair of Standard Posts $55.00

Stilo FIA HANS Posts

Stilo FIA HANS Posts

2010 FIA HANS Posts Installed

Stilo FIA HANS Posts

2010 M6 Nut for HNR Installation

Stilo FIA HANS Posts

Old Style FIA HANS Posts

Stilo's FIA approved HANS Posts, a necessity if your sanctioning body requires FIA homologated posts. We still supply the old style posts if you need them for an SA2005 Helmet.

PLEASE NOTE: If you intend to have your helmet painted, you absolutely MUST mask the FIA sticker completely. We can under absolutely NO circumstances replace it.

Part Description Price Purchase
S YA0015 For M6 Nut (SA2010) $55.00

Stilo Hans Posts

FIA Approved HANS Posts that mount in the integrated M6 nut in the Stilo helmet shell. Not the same thread pitch/size as a standard HANS Post. If you have a Stilo helmet with the integrated M6 nut and want HANS Posts, these are the only posts that will work.

Part Price Purchase
S YA0015 $55.00