Headset Cable for Hytera Radio

Headset Cables for Hytera Digital or Analog Radios.

Please Note: R HS MOTM1 works for Hytera analog radios only and Motorola 2-pin radios. R HS HYTM1-DMR works for both Hytera analog and digital, but if you have one of our 2-pin Hytera digital radios, then you need R HS HYTM1-DMR.

This new headset cable has a locking screw. R HS MOTM1 connector does not engage far enough on the Hytera digital radios and will vibrate out quite easily. Locking screw may not work with Motorola.

If you have a Motorola 2-pin radio, go with R HS MOTM1

Part Radio Type Price Purchase
R HS HYTM1-DMR Digital Radios $49.99
R HS MOTM1 Analog Radios $49.99