OMP Steering Wheel Hub

  • Most popular track car applications available
  • High quality manufacturing

High quality steering wheel hubs that adapt OMP wheels to specific cars.

Please note: removing an airbag from a car is illegal where we live, check with your local regulations.

Please refer to the application guide PDF attached.

Price: $ 80.00 - 90.00

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OMP Adjustable Steering Wheel Spacer

Adjustable aluminum spacer in 4 positions:

  • 24 mm
  • 34 mm
  • 44 mm
  • 54 mm
Suitable for fitting it with a steering wheel hub.

Part Size Price Purchase
OMP SW/022171 24/34/44/54mm $149.00

OMP Fixed Steering Wheel Spacer

Fixed aluminum spacer in 60 mm. Works with Steering wheel hubs.

Part Size Price Purchase
OMP SW/023171 60mm $85.00