Longacre Rearview Mirror

Quick, neat, easy installation. Won't vibrate loose. 17" wide, comes with 1/2" - 2 1/2" range bolt-on brackets. Be sure to choose the correct size Bar for your rollcage. Available for 1.5" and 1.75" Rollcages

Replacement Mirrors available.

Part Description Price Purchase
LA 22530 Mirror Kit for 1.75in Bar $72.99
LA 22531 Mirror Kit for 1.5in Bar $72.99
LA 22547 Mirror only $37.99

Longacre Spot Mirror

  • 3 3/4" Spot Mirror with bracket for 1 3/4" roll bar
  • Mounts on driver's side or passenger's side
  • Adjusts easily
  • Bolts in place solidly

Today's race cars are harder to see out of than ever. Head and neck restraints limit head movement and the new seats make for big blind spots. Longacre has created a new spot mirror designed to get back the lost field of vision. The new mirror locks into place insuring vibration will not affect the adjustment. The clamp on design makes for a simple installation on the driver or passenger side and the mirror picks up a wide area. Drivers can use the mirrors to make sure they are really "clear" before chopping into a corner making for less on track contact and another improvement in driver safety.

Part Bracket Size Price Purchase
LA 22548 for 1.75 Inch Bar $49.99
LA 22549 for 1.5 Inch Bar $49.99