FE Cam Locks

Schroth's FE Cam lock features a slightly different release actuator which allows for use on public roads in North America. An orange push button that says "Press" is required so that an EMT arriving at the scene of an accident can instantly know how to release a restraint. The internals of the cam lock are the same, with the greaseless release mechanism. The only change is the actuator.

Note: These Cams very rarely get attached to a shoulder belt. Cam Locks fixed to shoulders may not be in stock. 13.3 Cam Locks are special order.

Part Cam Lock Fixed To Price Purchase
SR SL13.0 Right Side Lap $125.00
SR SL13.3 Anti-Sub Strap $125.00
SR SL13.5 Left Side Lap $125.00

RFR Cam Locks

The patented SCHROTH RFRTM rotary (cam lock) buckle operates with a carbon fi ber reinforced gear system. Since it operates grease free it is insensitive to dust and other environmental infl uences. RFRTM the abbreviation for Regressive Force Release, means the release force is reduced during release operation rather than increasing as seen with all other rotary buckle products. Therefore the RFRTM buckle meets the stringent FIA required release forces without the need of an extended lever. The patented actuator with the recessed lever helps to avoid the risk of accidental release. The durable RFRTM rotary buckle is approximately 30 percent lighter than other products, yet it is still one of the strongest in the market. For FIA and ECE-R 16.04 (street legal) approved racing harnesses (FE models for Rally driving) it is available as a push button type buckle.

Part Cam Lock Fixed To Price Purchase
SR SL12.02 Right Side Lap $125.00
SR SL12.32 Anti-Sub Strap $125.00
SR SL12.52 Left Side Lap $125.00
SR SL16.2E Right Shoulder $125.00

Specialty RFR Cam Locks

Specialty RFR Cam Locks have custom extended Levers for specific situations and preferences.

Note, these are very seldom used and will not always be in stock.

Part Cam Lock Fixed To Notes Price Purchase
SR SL19.04 Right Side Lap Extended Lever Release $140.00
SR SL19.34R Anti-Sub Strap Extended Lever Release $140.00