SF2 Visor

SF2 <span>Visor</span>

50% Tinted

SF2 <span>Visor</span>


SF2 <span>Visor</span>

80% Tinted

SF2 <span>Visor</span>

50% Red

SF2 <span>Visor</span>

80% Red

SF2 <span>Visor</span>

50% Blue

SF2 <span>Visor</span>

80% Blue

SF2 <span>Visor</span>

80% Silver


Any visor can withstand perfect conditions. At SCHUBERTH, we believe a visor is only as good as it performs in the worst conditions. Anti scratch coatings help keep peak visibility while a dual lens system works to keep visors fog free in wet conditions.


Tried and true, clear SCHUBERTH visors incorporate the latest visor technology while providing clarity in a variety of settings.

Looking for some protection from the sun (and maybe a little style)? Available in four finishes and a range of darknesses, shaded visors help take the place of sunglasses.

Not sure which visor is for you?

A 50% tint is the perfect companion for a mixed weather day. The tint is light enough to provide some relief from sunlight without making it unusable on a cloudy afternoon.

Jumping to an 80% tint is the equivalence to a great pair of dark sunglasses. The darker tint provides excellent protection and relief from harsh light on those hot summer afternoons. On the flip slide, the extra darkness of an 80% visor is undesirable in low light conditions.


To meet the demanding FIA helmet standards, the three millimeter thick poly-carbonate visor is actually bullet proof. This added strength is the ultimate protection from flying objects that would normally breach inferior shields.

Felipe Massa experienced the importance of a strong visor during qualifying for the Hungarian Grand Prix. Without a second to react, a spring struck Massa’s SCHUBERTH on the side of his eye port. He commented later that “Your helmet saved my life, you did a fantastic job.”


SCHUBERTH Visors feature a centrally positioned two-step lock, ensuring visors always lock symmetrically and therefore securely. The two-step lock system allows drivers to choose how much ventilation enters through the eye port by creating two closed positions.

The first position locks the visor securely while allowing airflow through a small space between the helmet and visor itself. By applying slightly more pressure on the visor clasp, the visor will “click” into the fully locked position. This completely eliminates airflow through the visor opening.

The top of the visor clasp features a ridge right below the eye port, making the ideal location to apply pressure when closing. To open the visor, place your thumb onto the ridge while applying light upward pressure on the bottom of the clip.


To keep your visor clean and free of scratches, SCHUBERTH recommends only using SCHUBERTH Visor Cleaner.

To clean, simply wet a clean microfiber cloth with one spray of cleaner. Do not spray cleaner directly onto a visor, as it may get on the helmet itself. The cleaner will not damage the integrity of the helmet, but may discolor the finish if not remove immediately.

Coming Soon

For the use in closed cockpit cars, a half visor as well as a visor without a locking mechanism are planned. As an additional lightweight option, a visor without double lens is available.

Price: $ 99.00

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