OMP Sliders

Sliding steel bracket to be mounted between the side brackets and the seat.

Not FIA approved.

Part Description Price Purchase
OMP SE/665 OMP Sliders $75.00

Cobra Sliders

Tabbed runners for installing bottom mount seats to Vehicle Specific Brackets.

Can also be used for installing side mount seats, but may require fabrication.

Part Description Price Purchase
C SUBFR07EL Slider Kit $119.00

Brey Krause Wider Actuating Bar

This is a wider actuating bar for sliders utilizing a sparco style release. It is wider than what comes with the stock sliders, allowing for use of some of the wider shells available (Cobra's GT width seats, Recaro's XL width).

We've found that you'll generally need to massage this piece to make it fit your situation correctly. It can be bent fairly easily. It is designed to work in 911, 944, 996 & Boxster applications where the seat tracks are 16" wide.

Part Price Purchase
BK R9045 $26.25