BMW E36 Adapter Bolt

This bolt allows you to bolt in a harness at the stock location on the inboard lap belt of a BMW E36 3 Series (1992-1999). For use with all bolt-in belts in applications where the stock seats are retained.

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Price: $0.00

Length Adjuster Cover

Replacement Length Adjuster cover. Comes with the steel bar that goes in the length adjuster frame. The plastic adjuster cover can break if the harness is closed in a door. Replacement requires no tools and takes roughly 30 seconds.

2 Per Bag.

Part Price Purchase
SR 01084 $12.95

Side Belt Extension

The side belt extension is useful for certain applications where a longer lap belt is needed (BMW 2002, Offroad trucks). Comes in all colors and can be installed in any rallye style belt (Cross/Autocontrol/3/4) except for the Quick-Fit. Comes with 30" of webbing and a sewn in bendable bolt-in bracket.

Please be aware that proper geometry is paramount for the lap belt mounting point, and the side belt extensions make it very easy to anchor to a point that is improper. Please only use this part if your situation requires it. A longer lap belt is also not as safe as a short lap belt.

Part Color Price Purchase
SR 01150 Black $19.95
SR 01151 Blue $19.95
SR 01152 Red $19.95
SR 01153 Yellow $19.95
SR 01159 Silver $19.95

Side Belt Replacements

If your lap belt has gotten caught in the seat sliders or is just beginning to fray, you can replace the portion between the length adjuster and the bolt in point. This will allow you to replace the high wear components on the belt without purchasing an entire harness.

Please note, if your lap belt shows signs of adverse wear, check the rest of the harness for wear as well. Common points are where the webbing runs through the adjusters on the lap and shoulder belts, as well as where the shoulder harnesses pass through the seat back. Any sign of wear on a part of the harness that cannot be replaced requires replacement of the whole harness. Do NOT use a compromised harness.

Part Color Price Purchase
SR 01120 Black $19.95
SR 01121 Blue $19.95
SR 01122 Red $19.95
SR 01123 Yellow $19.95
SR 01129 Silver $19.95

QuickFit End Fitting Kit

Replacement End Fittings for QuickFit harnesses.

Part Color Price Purchase
SR 01400 KIT Black $55.00
SR 01401 KIT Blue $55.00
SR 01402 KIT Red $55.00
SR 01409 KIT Silver $55.00