Tuning Harness Pads - Schroth Racing Patch

Tuning Harness Pads - Schroth Racing Patch

Black Leather

These come as a pair, enough for one Schroth harness. If you are using them on factory 3-point restraints, you can use one pair for both driver and passenger.

Sometimes people who wear harnesses for long periods of time complain of irritation of the skin on their shoulders and neck where the harnesses pass over. If that is the case, you need a set of these harness pads to provide a soft cushion between the webbing and your skin. Other people use them as stylish comfort add-ons to their factory 3-Point restraints.

Made of high quality polyester, these pads can be washed, and can be installed/removed in seconds. They come in a wide variety of colors, including Black Leather. One set required per harness.

These items have the new style Schroth Racing patch sewn onto them instead of the standard fuzzy lettering.

Part Pad Color Patch Color Price Purchase
SR 00119 Black Yellow $35.95
SR 01119 Blue Yellow $35.95
SR 02119 Red Yellow $35.95
SR 03119 Yellow Yellow $35.95
SR 09119 Black Silver $45.95
SR 09219 Silver Silver $45.95
SR 00149 Black Leather Embossed lettering $69.95